Company Profile

Inception and Foundation

Founding of Techno Venture Ltd

Techno Venture Ltd takes its first steps as a dynamic entity in Savar, Bangladesh. The company is established as a private limited company by Mr. A.H.M. Mahtab Uddin, a distinguished alumnus of Dhaka University Law Department. With a vision to create an impact and contribute to the industry, Mr. Uddin lays the cornerstone of Techno Venture Ltd, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Entry into Transformer Manufacturing

Diversifying Operations and Empowering Industries

In a significant move, Techno Venture Ltd (TVL) enters the domain of transformer manufacturing. The company establishes a dedicated transformer manufacturing unit, paving the way for the production of Distribution & Power Transformers with 33 kV class voltages. This strategic expansion allows TVL to effectively address the demands of both public organizations and the private industrial sector in Bangladesh, further cementing its role as a pivotal player in the country's power sector. Feel free to integrate this subheading and content into your website's history timeline. By creating these entries for each significant year, you can create a comprehensive narrative of your company's growth and accomplishments.

Pioneers in Technology & Expanding Infrastructure

Technological Advancements and Expansion

Pioneering Single-Phase Distribution Transformers: Under the visionary leadership of Mr. A.H.M. Mahtab Uddin, Techno Venture Ltd (TVL) achieves a remarkable feat by pioneering the technology of Single-Phase Distribution Transformers. This breakthrough not only showcases TVL's commitment to innovation but also sets a new standard in the power industry, solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer.

Infrastructure Expansion and Specialized Sheds: During this transformative era, TVL's primary factory in Savar undergoes significant expansion. Stretching over 30 acres of land, the factory's growth is accompanied by the establishment of specialized sheds. These purpose-built facilities, including Transformers, Super Enamel, Substation, and Copper Conduction sheds, enable TVL to enhance its operational capabilities and accommodate its expanding range of activities.

Collaborative Innovation for Sustainable Infrastructure

Diversifying Operations with SPC Poles

In a strategic move towards diversification, Techno Venture Ltd (TVL) partners with its sister concern, Venture Poles Ltd, to venture into the manufacturing of Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) Poles. This collaboration signifies TVL's commitment to innovation and sustainable infrastructure development. By combining expertise and resources, the companies aim to contribute significantly to the construction and power sectors, enhancing the nation's urban and rural landscapes alike.

Empowering, Focus & Quality

Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

Empowering Rural Electrification and Communities Techno Venture Ltd (TVL) takes on a pivotal role in driving rural electrification efforts, contributing significantly to the country's development. By extending power access to remote areas, TVL empowers communities and enhances the quality of life for many. Furthermore, this commitment serves as a foundation for providing sustainable employment opportunities to the hardworking individuals of Bangladesh, fostering economic growth and social progress.

Unwavering Focus on Quality and Innovation Navigating a competitive landscape, TVL remains steadfast in its pursuit of maintaining paramount quality across every facet of its operations. From meticulous materials procurement to cutting-edge product design, the company's dedication to excellence ensures that its offerings consistently exceed industry standards. Innovation is embraced as a cornerstone, enabling TVL to not only adapt but thrive in an ever-evolving market. Driving Industry Standards through Research & Development The Research & Development department at TVL emerges as a driving force behind the company's success. By consistently generating innovative concepts, this department shapes industry standards and propels TVL's products to the forefront. Through continuous exploration and experimentation, TVL showcases its commitment to pioneering solutions that redefine the possibilities within the power and distribution sector.

Leading the Industry

Present and Future: Pioneering Excellence and Vision

Established Leadership: A Pinnacle in Transformer Manufacturing: Techno Venture Ltd (TVL) has risen to prominence, emerging as a trailblazing force within the transformer manufacturing sector in Bangladesh. With a legacy of excellence and dedication, TVL stands as a testament to the potential of innovation and industriousness.

Vision for the Future: Powering Tomorrow with Cutting-Edge Technologies: Guided by a resolute vision, TVL remains committed to revolutionizing power generation and distribution in Bangladesh. The company's unwavering focus on introducing world-class technologies underscores its role as a visionary leader in the pursuit of a brighter energy landscape.

Stalwart Governance: Nurturing Excellence from Within: At the helm of TVL's journey, the Board of Directors steers the ship towards superior performance. With an unyielding commitment to continuous enhancement, the board is steadfast in driving product design evolution, propelling the company to new heights, and setting benchmarks for industry excellence.

Ethics and Excellence: Building Trust through Integrity Rooted in the principles of sound ethics and unwavering integrity, TVL embraces a customer-centric philosophy. This commitment goes beyond products and services, shaping a culture of utmost dedication to exceeding customer expectations and setting industry standards.