A proud contributor to the country’s rural electrification, I am committed to providing sustainable employment to the working class of our country. This has been one of my main motivations in operating this industry. Having been in the Electronic Merchandise Manufacturing industry for over two decades I have witnessed the competition grow fiercely both locally and globally. Within this volatile market I have always strived to achieve and maintain paramount quality both in our procurement of materials and the design of our products. Whether it has been in the purchase of raw materials or in the collective development of new ventures we as a team have always ensured standards of superiority to protect the interests of our customers. Innovation is key to sustain in this particular industry, and our intention is also to preserve the quality of our work while also investing in newer ideas. Techno Venture Ltd aspires to become the leading transformer company in South Asia in the upcoming years through pioneering groundbreaking technologies within the power sector.

A.H.M. Mahtab Uddin

Managing Director

Techno Venture Limited